Competitor Comparisons

Leaf Guard Gutter Systems

Complete Leaf Free System (Gutter and Hood)
Attaches to Fascia Board and Rafter Tails
Rear drainage Channel
Engineered to fit properly on home
Product color matches gutter
Prevent Gutter Leaks
Full 5 inch leaf free gutter system
YES 2 ways for water to go into gutter
YES does not touch or interfere with roof and roof line.
YES The hood and gutter are made of the same material and color.
Smooth face, crown-molding-like appearance
Includes full 5-inch gutter and hood
YES Product includes a new gutter and hood
Made for 3 and 4 inch gutters
NO – attaches under roof shingles- possible roof warranty issues
NO – Windblown water blows up under roof shingle
NO – Product designed to go on existing gutter-original house and roof design does not incorporate supplemental product.
NO – Tries to match color of existing gutter.
Vertical face-supplemental product appears clunky and out of place
Includes topper product only. Gutter is an additional cost
MAYBE – Product goes on existing gutters-if you have leaky, rotten gutters before product is installed, you will still have them.

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